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The idea of creating a video with 311 views on YouTube make us cringe. It defeats the purpose of your investment – your success is ultimately ours. Before the conception of the video, we need to know its exact purpose. Who needs to see it, where it will live and why it’s being created. After the video is completed, our marketing team will place it in a virtual room of view-hungry-video-monsters to be ingested and fed to the masses.


Arguably the most time-consuming process, film preparation requires patience, organization and a tonne of elbow grease. We’ve got a pre-production team with some serious chops. Mutton chops.


We’ve shot a variety of work over the years. From sweaty three-person crews in Cuba, slow motion destruction in the studio, to full scale lights, camera action! – we’ve got it covered. Like a blanket. Shooting with our RED Epic-Weapon (8K) is standard for all large scale productions.


Our team is certified from Transport Canada with a fancy piece of paper that says we can fly (Special Flight Operations Permit). We’ll work with the police and traffic control to ensure safe flights and awesome cinematography go together, because we all know what happened to Goose when Maverick didn’t follow the rules.


The bookend. The cap on the bottle. The cherry on top. Post-Production compiles all our efforts from the shoot; with a dash of motion graphics, colour and sound into one cohesive narrative.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a tree falling in the forest is a selfie worth a thousand likes. That’s Plato. Positioning video and photography together is essential for any successful campaign. We use our production knowledge to create amazing photo-content that can be used in any way your heart desires. That’s Shakespeare.


What is a PB and J sandwich without bread? A video with 311 views on YouTube. Releasing a video with no push behind it doesn’t get you far in 2018. We create amazing content and have the resources and knowledge to help it get the views it deserves. We can amplify and extend the reach of content so that it doesn’t get lost in the fray.